The ‘Possum Pages
The Possum Pages
Welcome! my ’Possum Pages, an internet homage to America’s only marsupial.

Why the ’Possum?

The opossum is a noble beast, though much maligned in common thought. Sad to say, most residents of North America see the opossum as of little more use other than to decorate the shoulders of our nation’s highways and to serve as examples of why one shouldn’t cross the road at night. Others see him as a “giant rat,” though he isn’t a rodent at all. And nearly everyone seems to think he is a filthy critter because of his habit of rooting through neighborhood trash cans.

These are all malicious myths that sully the reputation of a princely creature. Please traipse through these pages and see if your estimation of the opossum is what it ought to be. Vive l’opossum!

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