Opossum Dictionary
The Abridged Opossum Dictionary

oasis - a winning hand in a game of opossum poker.
obey - where many opossums go to swim.
obit - what one gets when bitten by an opossum.
oblique -what a typical winter day is like for an opossum.
oboe - what opossums use to shoot an oarrow.
occasion - an opossum from the swamplands of Louisiana.
occult - what a group of misguided opossums sometimes form.
o’clock - what an opossum uses to tell time.
ocreate - what an artistic opossum does.
odor - what an opossum knocks on to enter.
offense - when two opossums swordfight.
okapi - what an opossum’s Xerox machine does.
olé - what an opossum does when very tired.
oleo - an opossum born in August.
olive - what an opossum does till he dies.
olympiad - an opossum with a bum leg.
omen - male opossum, plural.
omit - what an opossum wears on his paw on an oblique winter day.
open - what a literary opossum uses to write.
opera - an opossum au pair girl.
ophite - a rare but violent opossum altercation.
opine - what a lovesick opossum does.
opinion - the wing of the now-extinct flying opossum.
oppression - the opossum version of accupressure.
opuscule - a bad sore on an opossum.
orange - the vocal compass of the opossum.
oration - what opossums have to do when food is scarce.
origami - an Italian pasta enjoyed by many opossums.
Orion - the opossum answer to O’Neal.
oroide - slang term for opossums migrating en masse to the western United States.
orotund - description of a very fat opossum.
osier - an opossum title of respect, masculine form.
ostinato - an Italian opossum stenographer.
ostrich - what every opossum does first thing after waking up.
otitis media - the middle child of an opossum family in which all three sons are named Titus.
overbearing - an opossum who talks far too much.
overdone - a city in eastern France to which several opossums have immigrated.
ovine - where opossums get ograpes for making owine.
owing - synonym for opinion.
oyez - an opossum affirmation.
Ozark - the sound of lightning striking an opossum’s tree.
ozone - cool place where adolescent opossums like to hang out.

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