Imperial Order of the Opossom
The Imperial Order of the Opossum


Welcome to the home page of The Imperial Order of the Opossum. The Order is a non-profit fraternal organization whose membership is free and open to opossum aficianados worldwide.

What is the IOOTO?

The Imperial Order of the Opossom (IOOTO) is a body of individuals who espouse an admiration for the Didelphis virginiana (otherwise known as the common North American opossum or, even more commonly, simply as a ’possum) and who are unashamed of their affinity for America’s only marsupial. Its members desire to elevate the status of the creature in the minds of the masses and inspire appreciation for the animal’s unique qualities and aesthetic charm.

Who can join the IOOTO?

Anyone who wishes may become a member of the Order simply by filling out a membership form and submitting it to the Comte du l’Opossum (a.k.a. “Possum Pop”). Each member’s name, home page URL, and e-mail address will be added to our list of Members. We also humbly request that all members with a home page put the escutcheon of the Order (the icon) on their website with a link to this page or to our ’Possum Pages. Details on this can be found on the Application Form.

What do I get for joining?

Each accepted applicant will be dutifully dubbed a Knight of the Imperial Order of the Opossum, with all the rights, privileges, and whatever else one might suffer as a consequence thereof, and will have his or her name, e-mail address, and home page link added to our list of Members. (The only exception is that, since we are a family-friendly site, we reserve the right not to link to any page that promotes pornographic or other similarly distasteful material.) You also get to place our lovely IOOTO escutcheon on your website.

Other than that you don’t get jack squat.

But what nobler task could lie at hand than to defend the honor of the lovely, gracious, and illustrious opossum? Go ahead — swallow your pride. Admit to the world that you are taken with the ’possum. Fill out your membership form today. There is no cost or obligation. And just for the record, the information provided on your form will not be given or sold to any other party, nor will it used for any nefarious purposes.


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