Opossum Music
Opossum Music

The opossum has inspired a number of songs over the years, most of them in the folk and pop variety. Below are two examples of ’possum-inspired works in different genres. Both are ragtime (it seems to fit the opossum quite well), one titled “The Possum Rag” by Geraldine Dobyns (written in 1907), and the other a piece for classical piano from a collection of animal pieces titled Bag o’ Tails by American composer John Craton (composed in 2001). The Dobyns piece is in public domain, but please note that the Craton work is copyrighted and is used here used by permission. Listen to your heart’s content, but please do not download or otherwise use “The ’Possum” without permission from ASCAP. (You also can contact the composer directly by clicking here.) The Dobyns rag was originally composed for solo piano, but the version below has been arranged for mandolin orchestra by John Craton.

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“The ’Possum” copyright © 2001 by John Craton (ASCAP); published by Wolfhead Music.
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by Geraldine Dobyns


by John Craton

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